Kawara chan

I am a Japanese woman born in Kamakura, Japan, currently living in Tokyo. I am a worker, a wife, and a mother. I am a music lover and record collector.

Intrigued by my daughter's use of Instagram, I started using it in 2013.
I realized the potential of iPhone photography, and began taking pictures daily.
My husband, who noticed how much I enjoyed photography, got me a camera for my birthday.
Since then, during my commute or when there is downtime at work, I pull my camera out of my bag or pocket and photograph the city of Tokyo.
I love the complex overlap of many things in Tokyo's urban environment. There is always a rich culture on display so I am never bored.

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鎌倉市生まれの日本人。東京在住。 ワーカー、妻、母。 音楽大好き、レコードコレクター。


Website: http://kawarachan.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kawarachan_/
Contact: info@kawarachan.com