Void Tokyo とは


そのような思いからVoid Tokyoはスタートした。






「探る視線 - Perceiving the Void」


我々Void Tokyoは今日も見つめている。


Void Tokyoメンバー 一同



To photograph the today’s ever-changing Tokyo.


Presenting each member’s photos to the world in real time,to continue sharing our Tokyo through the publication of "Zine".


“Void Tokyo” began from such a thought.


Due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic has been decided, how far will the international city "Tokyo" change, and what will happen thereafter.
Our compound eye viewpoint are gazing at the void of current Tokyo. Surely there must be our Tokyo’s future.


We will have been capturing the future of Tokyo where keeps changing with the approach of street photography. And we want to continue
presenting it as a record, memory, and photograph.


Where are we, and where are we going?


Our answer is to be "Perceiving the Void".
We gaze at Tokyo today as always.


All Void Tokyo members